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If the content or style of this website offends lawful regulation of other companies or private persons, we may ask you for an equivalent message without account. We assure that justified passages will be removed immediately or amended, without you needing an advocate. The time-consuming intervention of an advocate, which is liable to pay costs, is not intention of the property right holder. Originated costs without previous contact will be rejected and may cause a counter charge due to malpractice of clauses.

Scope of the General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the contractual relationship between you as a customer (Customer) and Swissbreeze for all orders made (for example on the online store swissbreeze.ch, by phone, email etc.). Swissbreeze reserves the right to change these GTC at any time without prior notice. The version at the time of booking is decisive.

General Provisions

General conditions for the use of Swissbreeze.ch

By accessing and using the swissbreeze.ch website, and by association also the use of the online platform, the customer accepts the General Condition of use for Swissbreeze.ch (GCU).

In accordance with the GCU, swissbreeze.ch provides neither guarantee of reliability nor unlimited availability of the website and thus cannot be made liable for the effects of interruptions in booking processes or the non-transmission of messages. Particular attention has been paid to the user-friendliness of the user interface. The customer is responsible for the correct use of the website and the sales platform in particular. He accepts sole responsibility for the consequences of user errors.

Conclusion of contract, advance payments, e-mail communication

The offers published by swissbreeze.ch do not constitute the offer of a contract.

A shopping basket order placed by a customer on the swissbreeze.ch platform constitutes an order to conclude a contract in accordance with the individual shopping basket positions. The customer’s order is binding for 24 hours. During this time limit, swissbreeze.ch is to provide a reply to the e-mail address supplied by the customer. During this period, swissbreeze.ch verifies, if possible immediately, the availability of the advance payment (credit card coverage) and the definite availability of the positions ordered.

Swissbreeze.ch advises the customer through a notification on the website (success page), if the order process cannot be completed as requested and terminates the entire transaction (non-acceptance). Rejection of the request always applies to the entire shopping cart even if only individual positions ordered are the reason for rejection. If payment and services are available, swissbreeze.ch concludes, step by step the individual contracts between the service providers / suppliers and the customer. In doing so, swissbreeze.ch notifies the customer by way of an announcement on the website (success page) and an e-mail (acceptance of all shopping cart positions) followed by the definite debit of the advance payment.

Swissbreeze.ch’s reply to the customer’s request is considered concluded as soon as the corresponding data has been transferred to the Internet from the swissbreeze.ch system. The time of receipt of the e-mail by the customer and the display of the success page by the customer’s client is irrelevant. The customer is obliged if necessary to enquire at swissbreeze.ch of the whereabouts of the reply.

If a customer from a country for which a payment process is not listed orders a shopping cart from swissbreeze.ch, swissbreeze.ch is not in a position to accept the order even if the customer can bring the automatic platform to react as described above. A contract is valid – if at all valid – when the items have been delivered or use of services at the location has been effectively concluded.

The transmission of e-mail messages via the public network is asymmetric and failure prone; the messages are unprotected and can be intercepted and altered by third parties. In addition to the contents, the sender and recipient of the e-mail can be identified by third parties. This also applies to e-mails used for communicating with swissbreeze.ch. Swissbreeze.ch is authorized by the customer to send him e-mails. Swissbreeze.ch accepts no liability whatsoever for damages caused by faulty, impaired or intercepted and scrutinized transfers of e-mails. These conditions similarly apply to other unprotected forms of communication, which are comparable in functionality and risk potential that are presently being used or may be used in the future.

Messages sent to addresses (namely e-mail addresses) provided by the customer or that have been previously used successfully in correspondence with swissbreeze.ch are considered to have been delivered correctly. In the case of e-mails, the valid time of delivery is the time of dispatch by swissbreeze.ch; for postal transactions, it is assumed that correspondence sent by priority post has been delivered, also abroad, by the latest five days after deposit at a Swiss Post Office unless evidence to the contrary is provided.

Price and terms of payment

The price to be paid by the customer results from the total price of the shopping cart contents shown in US Dollar (USD). This includes, unless expressly otherwise stated, all surcharges, taxes and charges. All prices on the final invoice include Swiss value added tax (VAT).

Prices may be subject to ongoing changes. The customer must ensure that the shopping cart displayed is still up to date. After submission of the order, the customer will be shown a summary of his request.

Contracts in accordance with the individual shopping basket positions will in principle only be completed after an automatic advance payment has been made in accordance with the configuration of the online platform. Swissbreeze.ch will not accept a customer’s request until confirmation of coverage has been received. The customer and swissbreeze.ch each bear the respective charges applicable to them as a result of the payment process.

Swissbreeze.ch Services


Swissbreeze.ch reserves the right to change or amend prices at any time. Prices quoted on the original server at the time of the conclusion of a contract are binding. The VAT is added in the Cart.

The shipping costs are not included in the shop price and will be additionally invoiced. The packaging material is included in the shipping cost.

The customer has the right to cancel the order in writing within 7 days for a USD 25 administration fee, provided that the total cost of the items exceeds USD 100. The cancellation period begins at the time of the customer placing the order, and the deadline is met if written cancellation is handed to the Postal Services or received electronically by swissbreeze.ch within 7 days. The customer shall bear the costs for returning the goods and costs incurred by swissbreeze.ch. The customer must return the goods in the original packaging without delay. Right of cancellation expires upon opening the original packaging (breaking the seal).

The customer must thoroughly check the goods received. If the goods are delivered damaged or incomplete, the customer must provide confirmation from the carrier. Notice of defects must be provided to swissbreeze.ch within 10 days. The damaged goods must be returned to swissbreeze.ch unused, in an unchanged state and in the original packaging. An equivalent replacement will usually be delivered. Should swissbreeze.ch be unable to do so, the customer is entitled to reimbursement of the purchase price.

Swissbreeze.ch will endeavor to execute the order within 3 days. The delivery period is ultimately dependent upon the carrier. The following delivery periods are to be expected: Switzerland: 3 working days, neighboring countries: 6-8 working days, other countries: 10-30 working days. Any compensation claims for delayed delivery are excluded.

Special provisions


Subject to other statutory regulations, the following shall apply if by way of exception the right or possibility of return of goods is claimed, or it is not possible to fulfil the services: payments made by the customer will be reimbursed. Any further claims by the customer, especially with regard to compensation claims for consequential damages and loss of profit are excluded.


Should the customer have reason to lodge a complaint, he must immediately notify swissbreeze.ch or the service provider. In addition, the customer must take all reasonable steps to remedy the disruption and to limit any possible damage.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between the Swissbreeze and its contracting entities, including the question of its realization and the validity of the contract is subject exclusively to Swiss law. The head office of the respective service provider of Swissbreeze is decisive in determining the place of jurisdiction. Application of the “Vienna Sales Convention” (United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, CISG) is expressly excluded.



General conditions for use of the swissbeeze.ch website

The validity of these Terms and Conditions (GTC) is recognized by using the Swissbreeze (swissbreeze.ch) website. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to orders in the shopping cart contained on the website.

The swissbreeze.ch website is not intended for persons who are subject to a law that prohibits the use of such website. Access is not permitted for persons for whom this is true.

Content of the website

Swissbreeze strives to have factual and updated content on its sites. However, it gives no guarantee of the accuracy and completeness of the information and balance of opinions. This applies in particular to the guarantee of the characteristics of described locations, facilities or services. It is especially important to note that such characteristics may change over time, especially under seasonal and weather influences.

Changes to the content of the website, links, user interface and graphics by Swissbreeze may be made at any time without prior notice.

Subject to explicit announcement or obvious evidence, the information on this website does not constitute any offer of sale. The site does not contain any prompts to engage in any transactions

Linked pages

By using a link, the user may leave the Swissbreeze.ch site. Swissbreeze does not check the content of linked third-party sites and does not assume any liability or responsibility for their content, offers, information or opinions contained therein.


Swissbreeze gives no guarantee that the site will be continuously accessible, that the functions will be uninterrupted or error-free. Under special circumstances, it even reserves the right to eliminate the service or any part thereof. It endeavors to resolve interruptions quickly. Swissbreeze explicitly draws attention to the diverse and well-known latent risks inherent in the Internet. No guarantee can be given that the Swissbreeze website or server is free of viruses or any other damaging elements.

Copyright law

The entire content of the swissbreeze.ch website is protected by copyright. The brand Swissbreeze is a registered trademark and both these and the products and services which they offer are protected accordingly. Use of the website does not entitle the user to any rights regarding the contents, software, registered trademarks or any other element.

Use of the website content for public or commercial purposes is only permitted for the purpose of drawing attention to Swissbreeze offers and products either in the capacity of an agent or for resale. If the content or Logo is used in a report or other published document, it has to be placed in a clearly visible position and permitted by Swissbreeze. Any distorted or discriminatory use of the contents, or use that could harm the interests of Swissbreeze, is not permitted. The images and films are available free of charge to the user for private purposes. These may only be used in their original form and not be altered or cropped/cut without the explicit consent of Swissbreeze. Publication of images in connection with touristic offers is free of charge and explicitly permitted. Swissbreeze’s permission must be obtained for all other commercial purposes.


Prices quoted are valid only for the period during which they are published directly on the Swissbreeze website. Only prices stated in US Dollar (USD) may be considered reliable.

Exclusion of liability

Swissbreeze bears no liability for loss or damage (direct or indirect) that may arise from the use of the website. In particular, they shall not be liable for the accuracy of the information provided on the website.

Newsletter – Registration

Visitors can register for the swissbreeze.ch newsletter using the form on the website.
Visitors who subscribe to our newsletter are obliged to provide the following information: Form of address, first name, surname and email address. In addition, users can provide us additional, non-essential information that will allow us to provide them with even more personalized service.

Change/update of personal information

Each contact via the website allows the user to change, edit or remove the information they provided during the registration for a Swissbreeze service.

Privacy policy

We collect information on this website that will help us to understand the needs of our visitors in regard to our website and the services offered. Swissbreeze protects the privacy and identity of the users of the site. The personal data transferred is processed by Swissbreeze solely in accordance with the Swiss data protection laws and for the intended purpose of the transfer.

Law and Jurisdiction

Swiss law is always applicable for the assessment of disputes arising from the use of this website. Jurisdiction in any case is the headquarters of Swissbreeze in SWITZERLAND.