Fresh air for sale

Swissbreeze was interviewed in The Guaridan

Unlike Lam – who is prone to describing the collection process as a dangerous quest: “If we ever run out of fuel we’re dead in the water” – Krähenmann is practical and straight talking. But the pair are similar in other ways. The objects they sell are near-identical. They work with partners in China, India, and South Korea. And they have no prior credentials in – or, it seems, any great vocational passion for – public health. While Vitality Air’s founders cut their teeth in the Canadian real estate industry, Krähenmann, whose parents are doctors, worked towards a degree in general management. The passion they share is for business – entrepreneurship, particularly. During a phone call, Krähenmann told me that Swissbreeze is the first in a portfolio of products he plans to launch, all of which centre on exporting some part of the Swiss experience. Lam has already extended Vitality Air’s offer, notably with canned oxygen, which has proven medical benefits. He is marketing the product to professional athletes.

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