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The Story of Swiss bottled air - Swissbreeze

Switzerland is ranked at the top of the Quality of life and Health index. A major reason for this is the outstanding geographic condition and huge biodiversity of the country. Switzerland offers a fantastic, clean and well organised environment.

Due to its very low level of air pollution, in 1853 Mr. Alexander Spengler discovered the healing and recreational power in the Swiss Alps. Therefore, in the 19th and 20th century Switzerland became a main location for air curing treatments of Tuberculosis and Allergies.

Furthermore in the present, the Swiss mountain air continues its healing and refreshing powers. Many people regularly visit the numerous health resorts in the Alps to experience its benefits.

While most cities in the world become more polluted, Switzerland’s mountain regions stay untouched and clean. There is very little traffic, no industry and the air can remain crystal clear.

Therefore, we would like to share this unique privilege with you. With Swissbreeze you are able to enjoy pure, clean Swiss air wherever and whenever you like.