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Breath it all in, love it all out - Swiss bottled air

Get your own little piece of Switzerland!

Switzerland is ranked at the top of the Quality of life and Health index. A major reason is the outstanding geographic condition and huge biodiversity of the country.

Swiss mountain air has relaxing and refreshing powers. Many people regularly visit the numerous health resorts in the Alps to experience its benefits. We help you and bring with our pure bottled Swiss air the experience to you.

While most cities in the world become more polluted, Switzerland’s mountain regions stay untouched and clean. There is very little traffic, no industry and the air can remain crystal clear.

We would like to share this unique privilege with you. With Swissbreeze we are bringing a piece of Switzerland to you, enjoy the best bottled Swiss air wherever you are!

Who we are & What we can offer you

Recreational. Refreshing. Revolutionary.
Filling stations

To provide you with the best bottled Swiss air you will ever experience, we are gathering only at the most untouched and beautiful places in Switzerland. Our special process of filling guarantees that you can experience the breeze in the same way as we do – Pure, Clean and crystal Clear!


Due to the high quality of the Swiss Air, already in the 19th and 20th century Switzerland became one of the main air curing locations. Its mountain environment stayed untouched and clean compared with other world regions. Therefore, Swissbreeze would like to offer you a Swiss breeze of serenity.

Selling points

Are you looking for your own Swiss breeze and could not find it yet?
No problem, we are happy to show you where our bottled Swiss air is sold. In these shops you can find all our offerings and sales.

Meet our Team

We create. We collaborate. We live our passion.
Moritz Krähenmann, CEO at Swissbreeze
Moritz Krähenmann
CEO and general manager
Marvin Felder, Head of IT at Swissbreeze
Marvin Felder
IT Manager and Business Consultant
Luca D'Ambrosio, Head of Marketing at Swissbreeze
Luca D'Ambrosio
Marketing Manager
Laurin Hauri, Head of Finance at Swissbreeze
Laurin Hauri
CFO and HR Manager
Elizabeth Chen, Managing Director China at Swissbreeze
Elizabeth Chen
Country Manager for China

What our clients say

Living in a very urban area, I am very happy to give it all a break and get a breeze of the Swiss alps. Swissbreeze gives me the possibility to get the feeling of being in the most relaxing region of the world. It reminds me of my holidays in that beautiful landscapes and always makes me happy and calm in stressful times. The air which you breath is so clean that you can feel the boost and vitalization in your body.

Thomas Schneider
Thomas Schneider Ludwigshafen, Germany